Digital Imaging

Photoshop Basics Review

We’ll be using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC in this class for most activities. You will need to be somewhat familiar with the software for this class. If you have not had much Photoshop experience before now or if it has been a while, please familiarize yourself with the basic working space and a few of the essential tools and concepts.

Exporting for Web

When saving JPGS, please use  the Top Menu -> Export ->Save for Web (Legacy) option with JPG,   at 100% quality. Of course, it might make sense sometimes to export at less than 100% quality if you are optimizing for web viewing. The interface also allows you to change the image size. For this class, images uploaded should always be at least 1000 pixels minimum length or width at screen resolution (72ppi).

Adobe Tutorials

The following list are tutorials from Adobe:

Adobe has a lot more great tutorials and reference materials. Lessons will link to those relevant to the week but you can also search for them here:

Photoshop help link