Digital Imaging

Oral Presentation #3

Aesthetics & Critical Analysis in Digital Imaging

For this final oral presentation, please have a look through these slides. Find one or two that are interesting to you in terms of what you would like to talk about.   The focus on this presentation is aesthetics and critical analysis of digital imaging – from a variety of perspectives. Time to think about things and give some opinions. Spend a few minutes looking up ideas online to talk about but there are no right answers, this is about your ideas and impressions. We’re going beyond the bounds of what we have gone over in class because there are so many topics and ideas to explore when it comes to digital imaging and art.

Each theme page in the slides below has a number in the upper left corner with a prompt and some ideas for questions. There are 1-2 pages of images to think about (labeled with the same number that goes with the prompt slide). You do not need to only answer the questions posed, these are to get you started thinking but talk about related things that come to mind.

Just a note – if you choose a slide that has ‘critique’ – you must say both what you think was done well AND what could use improvement. Not just positive stuff.


  1. 2-5 minutes in length
  2. 1-3 topics only (don’t address all of these ideas)
  3. please focus on clear audio, good eye contact, and good lighting that you have used in previous oral presentations.
  4. Use props (optional, but encouraged), print out images and hold them up, hold up magazine covers or other examples you want to talk about.
  5. Make a screencast instead of ordinary recording (optional) **note: must include video of YOU as well as images you’re sharing for the whole recording (see example below)** . Screencast-o-Matic will do this for you or use another screencasting software of your choice.
  6. Upload your video to YouTube and copy the URL.
  7. Create a new post with the category ‘Oral Presentation #3’ and give it the same title along with your name. Paste the URL to your video here.



Example of a screencast with video in the corner. And here is the link to tutorials on how to use it: