Digital Imaging

0 – Introductions

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  1. Create a new blog post on this class website
  2. Choose the correct Category for your post
  3. Add a photo to your post


There are two assignments this week – Lesson 0 (Introductions) and Lesson 1. Make sure you complete both by the due dates on the schedule! We’re starting off getting the hang of making a post on this course website (WordPress platform) and introducing ourselves to each other. All of our class activities and interaction will happen here on this course website. You can go to Blackboard to check grades and find general course announcements.

The first activity this week is simply to introduce yourself on this course website in TWO sentences only. This will let your instructor know if you are able to log in and make a post. If you are having trouble for any reason, please email your instructor right away or contact UAF eCampus.

I also encourage you to update your Profile picture in the Dashboard of this site. This will help personalize your experience during this course.

The second activity this week is Lesson 1. Please watch the videos and do the homework there also.



Introduction - Blog Post

  1. Create a new post on this course website.
  2. Write a TWO sentence introduction to your classmates. We will do a more lengthy introduction later.
    Please also upload a photo for your post. It can be a photo of yourself, your favorite animal, or something that you feel represents you in some way.
  3. Important: Select the ‘Introductions’ category when you create your post and click ‘Publish’ when you’re done:
  4. View your published post to make sure everything looks how you expect it to (click on ‘View Post’ at the top).   If you chose the correct category (Introductions), your post will automatically be displayed in the category section under the Top Menu on this site under [Other Categories].

If you need help making a post, see also:    how to use this site.