Q.  Where is the syllabus?
A.  It’s under the “Course Info’ menu.
Here is the direct link:  https://di371.community.uaf.edu/syllabus/

Q.  Where are the deadlines posted?
A.  Deadlines are not shown in the exercise and assignment descriptions. They are shown in the Course Schedule under the “Course Info” menu. You can also subscribe to the Google Calendar. Here is the direct link:  https://di371.community.uaf.edu/schedule/

Q.  What is the difference between “Exercise’ and “Assignment’?
A.  “Exercises’ are weekly projects to show your understanding of the class content. Exercises are evaluated based on mastering skills and showing understanding of the concepts covered in one lesson. “Assignments’ are for students to apply the skills they learned in last few lessons in an individual creative project.  Assignments’ grades are based not only on the technical skills but also aesthetics, originality and creativity. In general, an Assignment weighs more than an Exercise in grading.

Q.  Where can I see the exercise description?
A.  The exercise description is posted at the end of each lesson page. So please see the  “Lessons’ pages.    “Exercise Categories’ is where your Journal entries show up if you have chosen the correct category for your post – you will not find exercise descriptions there.

Q.  Why are the exercise pages in Exercise Categories empty?
A.  “Exercise Category” pages are where  your Journal entries show up if you have chosen the correct category for your post. If no one has posted in the exercise category yet, it will be blank.

Q.  I posted my image, and I see it showing on the blog top page, but it didn’t get graded or received instructor’s comment. Why hasn’t my work been graded?
A.  Please wait one full week for your grade. Also, please check your post and make sure it has the proper category. If it is “uncategorized’ or categorized incorrectly, it won’t show up on the correct page and might not be graded.

Q.  My post is “uncategorized’ though I tagged the post with correct word. Why my post doesn’t show the right tag?
スクリーンショット 2016-08-01 5.15.34A.  Don’t use “Tags’. Please select a correct category from the“Categories’ section.   They are displayed on the right side of the page when you create a post.

Please  scroll down  if you don’t see the Categories box.Please use the check box and select the correct category from the list.