Week 11: Vector Tools

Week 11: Vector Tools

I wanted to create a science magazine cover.   I settled on mars colonization as it’s been in the headlines recently.    I had a specific shape for the buildings in my mind but it was a struggle getting the Pen tool to build the shapes exactly as I wanted. I did some digging around looking for some help on the pen tool to try and get it to do what I wanted and found the following video which did a pretty good job of highlighting all the different ways to manipulate vector shapes.

I eventually got a reasonable shape and I simply copied and resized the layer to replicate additional towers.   I threw a space station in for good measure.   I wanted the text to look a little more sci-fi and the stock fonts on my system did not impress me.   I found a great font site that made it easy to find the right type of fonts and all were free to download and install:

After I got some decent fonts on the board I applied some interesting colors and effects to the next to make it less boring to look at.    Without the constraints of the project, I feel the buildings could have looked a little better but I didn’t want to modify them outside of the vector tools.


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