Week 8: Rotoscoping – Sophie

Week 8: Rotoscoping – Sophie

I looooooved this week! This is my first time doing any type of animation outside of gif exercises and I’m hooked! I spent a lot of time on my frames (and it’s a little longer), so my rotoscope isn’t in color. I intend to keep working on it and adding a background, because I’d like to put in an abstract carpet/floor design to offset the cat.

There were several times throughout the project that I had to draw lines where I though they existed, since my video was a little too blurry (due to speed of movement) or pixilated to have a clear image of exactly where everything was. This is definitely a more time consuming process than making a gif, but I like it so much more. I love how alive the animation feels!

As I was working on the project, I thought about the film “The Snowman” a lot. I’m not sure if it’s truly rotoscoping, but it’s the first work of animation that I remember seeing in this style (the way the lines and details move) and has stuck with me.


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