Week 8: Rotoscoping Animation

Week 8: Rotoscoping Animation

I originally started working on a jellyfish as the base for this project. I quickly abandoned that track when it became apparent I was just drawing multiple subtly shaped circles and the perception of motion was very boring. I found the turtle to have a more interesting range of motion so I committed to that. I found after completing the original 1 cell per frame layout that the motion felt far to Jarring so I doubled the cells per frame and it came out looking a lot better. I got lucky with my copy of photoshop as I could easily export the video so I added a very laid back audio track for the turtle journey.

The animated movie Wizards was my first exposure to rotoscoping that wasn’t out of the Disney factory. That being the case they did a lot of different and surreal things than Disney studios would have ever felt comfortable trying.

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