Week 8: Rotoscope!

Week 8: Rotoscope!

Had so much fun creating this Rotoscope animation. It’s ridiculously time consuming, but the results are so stinking cool! I took a video of my sister doing parts of a sun salutation (I have softly goals to animate more poses), but just chose this first little bit to minimize work load.  I would totally take these skills and do other pieces of work with it– and hoping to try and incorporate more animation into the classroom this year.

After looking briefly on Youtube for other Rotoscope ideas– I found this university class in Australia that has been taking famous American music videos and dividing out frames to all the students and compiling a giant rotoscoping music video project. I LOVE this one that they did to the new Bruno Mars tune… check it out! You can see all the students distinct styles come through. So fun.

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