Week 7 – Sophie Lager

Week 7 – Sophie Lager

Here’s my silly gif!

Here’s my before:

And here’s my after!

Description: I live in a fishbowl.

Including the original image, the final image is composed of 12 different photographs, many, many layers, and many, many masks. I used the clone stamp tool to create a repeating pattern across the face of the house. I also found the blending modes incredibly helpful for this assignment. The fish, foam on the pond, and the waterfall are all separate images, but using blending modes (largely in the lighten category) I was able to layer them onto each other in a way that I’m pretty proud of. I was able to remove the garden bed hoops and the chair and reconstruct the windows on the house using the clone stamp tool.

Whenever I use a layer mask on a particularly complex part of an image – in this case, the trees – I struggle with the way that the mask creates a kind of “glow” around that part of the image. I had a slightly different plan for the sky (Darker, more orange/purple), but the contrast between that and the tree glow looked really hokey. I ended up playing around a little bit and going over the mask several times before I achieved a look I was happy with. I’d originally intended to create this image using salmon, but open source images of salmon (that are alive) are surprisingly few and far between. Koi, on the other hand, are abundant. And colorful.

I’m pretty pleased with my end result. It captures the whimsy I was aiming for. I also desperately want to paint my house this way now.


  1. kiten

    Hi Sophie! I really love your story compoistion! It’s magical with just the right amount of reality thrown in. I think the pattern on the house gives it a nice finishing touch, and I like how the fish pond is other-dimensional. Also nice gif:)

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