Week 7: Part 1- Animated GIF

Week 7: Part 1- Animated GIF

I took this image of a whale from this past week, and added in the breaching whale and a spout plume. I did not you the puppet animation tool, but rather painted the whale in 11 different frames. What I didn’t think about until later in the process, was that when I duplicated the frame, I was also taking all the information from the previous frames with it, so I had to remind myself to erase the former layers after I had started the current one I was painting. Fun experiment for a first time GIF!

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  1. kiten

    love this! You are an amazing artist, I though you had used another image of a whale breaching. I had a similar idea with a fish leaping out of the water, but it looked like a preschool painting so I scrapped it.

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