Week 7

Week 7

For this weeks animation I chose a picture of a friend holding a fish. After a couple attempts of doing terrible drawings at a very low pixel setting I decided tracing was easier so I traced the fish. In the future I think I’ll use a different backgound than the one I traced so you don’t see the real fish behind the animated one. I intended it to be humorous with the fish splashing slime in his beer as a last ditch “F*** You!”.

For part 2, I chose the three part picture story. In the first picture a small child is wandering alone in the wilderness. The second zooms in on some bear tracks alongside a child’s (bearfoot) track. The third represents getting to safety with a walltent in the trees.

I attempted to harmonize the photographs using the overlay filter as well as hue filters and adjustments, but it was very difficult getting the summer picture of the footprints in sand to look like snow. I usually try to use my own photographs. Not sure if we are required to. What are the rules on this?

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