Week 6-1 A&B

Week 6-1 A&B

This weeks activity was a lot of fun. For part A I started with an image of a snowmachine trail that originally had a beagle in it and got rid of the beagle with the spot fixer. I added a picture of flowers that I cliped out for texture, and applied a pretty cool esclusion filter. Incorporating a portrait turned out to be the hardest part. When I brought down the opacity on the backgound layer the grid showed through. I also was unable to use the blending masks on it possibly because there were no layers behind it. The portrait I wanted to add was an old photograph so the image quality wasn’t great. I could not use any of the lightening filters on it becuase it dissapeard into the background, so after clipping and resizing it I pretty much left it as is. The antlers added more texture, but when I used a blending filter they were also dissapearing into the ugly snogo tracks. The most helpful tool that I ended up figuring out was the paitbrush! I painted white on the spots I wanted to stand out from thef background such as the woman’s face and the moose skull. I love the result:)

For part B I chose the antlers because I thought they’d make an interesting subject. I tried each different filter but wasn’t overly impressed. Then I tried custom and brough up the values by 2 and the middle value by 1. I like the result, the antlers have more deffinition and color.

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