Week 11: Vector Images Poster

Week 11: Vector Images Poster

Did a lot this week with this image. I went back and re-watched quiet a few videos including the montage video from Week 3, Animation with Puppet Mask (to maneuver my Sasquatch arms), several videos on healing brushes, one really fun video on creating vintage travel posters, as well as the vector shapes and paths (specifically creating a brush stroke from a path)– which I did with the fly line.

I’ve attached the vintage travel poster video, because it would be a fun project just for some home art work! I also attached the original photo I worked from. (see below)

My inspiration for the poster is my good friend who is starting a fly fishing business called Bigfoot Anglers. I’ve been meaning to play around with logos and images for his business for a while— so I might try and recreate this as well as some stickers and logos for my final project.

I had a heck of a time trying to make my silhouette of the Bigfoot fit into the filtered image. So I want to play around with it more and get it to look more seamless.

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