Week 10- Parts 1 & 2: Perspective and Depth Map

Week 10- Parts 1 & 2: Perspective and Depth Map

Part 1: Perspective Image

With this image I tried to add on some realistic features on the wall, such as adding a edge to the canvas and to the picture frame, to make those flat images seem more realistic. I also highlighted the bamboo rug, using the dodge and burn tools to create a reflection that might come from those fluorescent lights. I utilized our unit on montages and created a very basic shadow for the flowers, which probably doesn’t exactly mimic the lighting situation, but I wanted to remember how to create shadows again and get it to stick into my brain. The picture frame and photo inside are two different flat images. I also put a place mat underneath that bowl and just erased what was overlapping the bowl, and put some shadows in.


Week 10: Part 2: Depth of Field

Below are a couple process photos of my Depth Map. Because the images provided didn’t have many subjects to select, I tried to play around with selecting the mountains and trees at make them different grey values. I didn’t really come out with a realistic lens blur, but I purposefully wanted to do more than just the subjects in the front and the gradient.

Neat Tool!

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