Week 10 Part II

Week 10 Part II

For part II of this assignment, I decided to use the sheep image.

Here’s my depth map. I made layer masks for each of the areas that I wanted to have a different focus; one for the sheep in the foreground, another for the two sheep behind it, another for the sheep behind them, etc… Each of these layers also had its own alpha channel so I could return to the selection easily.

Here are my layers:

And here are my alpha channels:

Here’s the end result! I’m pretty pleased with how the final image came out. My favorite effect is the change in focus between the closest and furthest sheep. I think this worked really well and looks realistic. If I were to do this assignment over again, I think I’d break up my depth map a little more. In this version, the stone wall/orange bush and the trees are all set to the same depth. In reality, the stone wall/orange bush is closer to the foreground/lower in the image than the trees are, so they maybe shouldn’t have the same level of blur.

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