Week 10 Part II: Depth Map

Week 10 Part II: Depth Map

I started this project with no background knowledge on the subject.   I selected the man on a hit facing the mountains because I thought it would provide the opportunity to show an increasing scale of blur from the close town to the hills beyond that to finally the mountains beyond that.

I created a selection of the man and saved it.   From there I created a gradient layer depth map to establish the gradual blurring of the background elements as we move away from the man.   I then selected the man again and set him as 100% in focus:

Below is the finished product:

I kept the layers for this project extremely simple.   I duplicated the original layer so I could work non-destructively:

After struggling with some unwanted artifacts while applying the lens blur filter I started looking around for better methods.

I found a video that provided a more realistic method of applying the blur.   It is a lot more time-intensive but I think the end results would be worth the efforts.                         I,   however, did not have the time to redo the project implementing the more refined techniques.   I would suggest a watch if you’re looking to polish this skill:

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