Week 10 Part I: Depth Perspective

Week 10 Part I: Depth Perspective

I started this project out by importing all the images I was going to use and getting them settled on their own layers before I started modifying them:

Once I settled on locations I wanted to place them in I built site lines using nearby objects and reference points to get the proper “skew” on the objects for their locations. The rug went down easy thanks to the location I chose as a proper perspective was reinforced by the nearby objects and floor patterns:

I adopted the same method for the stickers and then finally blending the layers properly to obfuscate any unwanted remnants from the original image:

Finally I made some subtle brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments to ensure all five objects did not stick out like a sore thumb:

Below is the finished product.   I considered the notion of building frames around the paintings but to do so properly would have required some modification of the original images on a scale I felt might be inappropriate for this project:

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