Oral Presentation 3: Street Art

Oral Presentation 3: Street Art moving into the digital age…

After doing some research, there is so much going on in Street Art right now… major cities are banging on graffiti artists’ doors and trying to beautify their city with the latest and greatest digital painting technology. I tried to juxtapose two cities: Belfast and Papeete, who have lots of street art, but use it in very different ways. And then highlighted three different digital street art methods that are on the rise.

I mention Tahiti’s Street Art Festival. Here’s the link: https://tahitifestivalgraffiti.com

Below my presentation video are some other YouTube clips of Digital Street art, if you’re inspired!

Artists to look up:

INSA GIF-iti:  http:/  /www.gif-iti.com

KIPTOE: Street Animation! Super cool to look at after out Rotoscope lesson.

SOFLES:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BGRnKFlijc

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