Discussion – Where do you find and store Inspiration?

Discussion – Where do you find and store Inspiration?

With so much great art/film/creative work happening in the world these days and the Internet being an amazing equalizer. For instance, I am a member of various art and cgi related Facebook groups, I use Instagram and follow people, and I also use Pinterest quite a lot for storing inspiring things. I have two pinboards there that are relevant for this class:


Pinterest is the one I go to most often for inspiring images and topics and for finding interesting tutorials. It’s also so easy to keep them in buckets.

Where do you find stuff and where do you store it?   Share links to your resources/collections if you like.


  1. Ken

    I joined Pinterest when it first launched. I found it’s early days very interesting. I’ve found it less and less useful as the platform has matured. I used to store a lot of photos and projects online after the service I was using was passed around a couple of times and eventually shut down by the final company that acquired it I stopped using online resources to store personal photo’s and projects. I store all my photos and previous projects on a 12 terabyte NAS in my house. I prefer knowing my personal stuff is encrypted, secured and 100% under my control. There are multiple data loss fail-safes built into my NAS so a drive failure won’t cost me everything. I use Dropbox for a few things but I don’t rely on it 100% for the reasons mentioned above.

  2. rhwillcox

    I’ve tried using Pinterest and Behance for inspiration and following artists that I like but I’ve found that I just don’t check in on them enough to be useful. For me, I’ve found that following artists on my everyday social media accounts is the most useful. I find Facebook and Instagram helpful and Twitter is probably my favorite because artists frequently retweet the work of other artists so I’m getting exposed to a lot of new stuff. I also sometimes peruse Art websites such as and to try and stay informed on relevant Art things.
    As far as storing stuff, the most I’ll do is bookmark a page or take a screenshot of something with my phone, making sure to have the artist’s name in the photo somewhere.

  3. kiten

    I love pinterest! I use it as a source of inspiration and love storing all my home reno/ menu/ design ideas on it. I used it as a sort of mood board for my mom’s house when we were decorating it, but I’d like to learn more about other options for saving photos and ideas.

  4. Avatar photo slager

    I agree with what everyone has said so far – Pinterest is a fantastic tool for filing things that I don’t want to download, but might like to come back to later. Since I’ve started working more with digital graphics, I’ve created a folder on my laptop for CCO images that I love but haven’t found a use for yet. This way I don’t have to remember what site I was on that one time when I saw that one thing. I also follow several artists on Instagram (including some very talented wool painters/felters) that challenge me to think about art in new and interesting ways.

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