Week 6 Part I, A & B – Sophie Lager

Week 6 Part I, A & B – Sophie Lager

Part A:

This assignment was a riot! I used four different images for this:A city street, a grumpy looking white cat, a field of poppies, and a clown fish. I played a lot with the layer order in order to get the effect I wanted and masked out certain areas because I was struggling with the way the interacted wit the other layers. For example, the cat layer was almost entirely white and I found that it either over-washed the other layers in white or completely disappeared with the cat. The layers and their blending modes are as follows:

Bottom: City Street with the layer blending mode set to “Normal.”
2nd: The cat, with the layer blending mode set to “Darken.”
3rd: A layer mask for the cat’s eyes with the curves adjustment tool applied to bring the blue of the cat’s eyes a little closer to the color of the sky.

4th: The poppies layer with the layer blending mode set to “Pin Light.”
Top: The clown fish, with the layer blending mode set to “Lighten.”

Part B: I started with this image of a gold circle on paving stones with a bunch of peoples’ feet.

First, I applied the Maximum filter:

Then the minimum:

Then I offset:

Here’s the final image:

While outside of the bounds of the assignment, I tried out applying an oil paint filter for fun:

I really like the way that this particular filter goes in a squared pattern already, so the image ends up being squares on squares on squares.



  1. rhwillcox

    I really like in Part A how the cat’s face blends in with the clouds and it appears to be behind the red buildings. I think if that illusion continued with the buildings further in the background that would this piece stronger. You could achieve that by putting a mask on the cat layer and masking over where the buildings are so the cat wouldn’t show up over top of them.

    Also the top left red flower is so far away from the other’s that at first I read it as just a red blob. I wonder if getting rid of it or somehow making the stem more apparent might help the composition. Or even just editing in some more closer to it so it’s not so far from any other flowers because I do really like the curved line that the flowers create.

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