Week 6 Part 2

Week 6 Part 2

Part A


Settings+Before Dodge and Burn:

After Dodge and Burn:

This part was pretty simple.  I wanted my edits to be kind of subtle so I just used the dodge tool to kick up the contrast a little bit.

Part B

So for this part, following the instructions was easy but getting a grasp on why to use this and its applications was difficult.  I still don’t think I fully understand alpha channels but I’ll give it a shot.  I watched a bunch of videos but these two were the most helpful for me.

Making Insanely Difficult Selections Like Trees Using Alpha Channel In Photoshop


Alpha Channels for Masking – Photoshop Tutorial


So my understanding is that you can have a flat photo that will then still have information for masking in it via the alpha channels.  And then also that the RGB channels can be used to more easily create detailed masks.  And the TIFF file format could be opened by a wider range of programs outside of Adobe programs (vs PSD) and even if some programs couldn’t utilize the channels information, it would still be there.

I’m excited to learn more about if what I said above is the case and what I’m missing because this was a pretty challenging topic.

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