Week 4

Week 4


This weeks activity was really fun! I FINALLY got my drawing tablet hooked up so I was able to color a little easier. I did make one major mistake with my dreaded layers, I think I was supposed to make copies of the original layer but instead made copies of each subsequent layer. This was the result, I couldn’t turn off the outline. Also, I’m having trouble getting my paintbrush to work, not sure if it’s my computer or just me.


  1. Hi Kate. You don’t need to make copies of each layer but it can be helpful to use layers for different elements of the piece – the outline on one layer, color reference on the next layer, etc. What happens when you try to use the brush tool exactly? Turn off/on each layer’s visibility by clicking the little eyeball icon on the layer palette.

    1. kiten

      Hi Jennifer,
      Sometimes the paintbrush just dosn’t paint. It happens randomly and I have clicked on the layers to make sure I’m on the right one. Will try to at least make a different outline layer on the next project.

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