Week 3 Part II: Painting from Photographs

Week 3 Part II: Painting from Photographs

This was guaranteed to be my weakest assignment as I have spent very little time painting and drawing let alone trying to create a semi-realistic representation of a picture. This being the case I started out trying to clearly define the range in which I would be “Painting” by creating a series of outlines for the different area’s I wanted to keep clearly defined. I created multiple Pallets for eye’s skin and my shirt in the photograph.

This was another very time-consuming process as I spent an excessive amount of time merging areas with different skin tone. I found the Mixer brush tool to be a very expedient way of deploying color to a section and moving shades around to define facial structures. I found that by mixing in some different colors into the immediate area I could use the mixer brush tool to vary the color in the area in a somewhat realistic fashion.

There are plenty of small things I would have spent more time to adjust if this wasn’t due at the end of the week. It would have probably have ended up as one of those endless projects you never quite finish. All in all, I learned of a new tool and found it saves a lot of time if used in both its intended and not intended fashion


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  1. rhwillcox

    I think the outline looks really good where you left it. If I were you, I would’ve either kept all the outlines or none of them. The eyes look good and I think you’ve got the idea of it down, but I might use a lighter hand with the mixer brush/smudge tool.

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