Week 2

I thought the adjustments were pretty easy using levels and curves. I did not try to adjust the numbers, it sounded too confusing, but looking at some of the other posts I think I could have benefited from trying it.


  1. Ken

    @Kiten I discovered using the click and drag modification on a specific section of colors made it really easy to adjust a specific color to my liking. I avoided modifying the individual R G or B lines directly or via inputting actual values in the number fields as well. Clicking and dragging cause a couple of overcorrections on my part I think that is where you could benefit from inputting specific values and adjusting them one integer at a time to get the very specific look you are trying to achieve.

  2. slager

    The clarity you managed to get out of the second image is really, really impressive! I’m impressed that you were able to lighten/balance so much of the foreground and pull out the texture of the clouds.

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