Painted Selfie: Week 3 Project

Painted Selfie: Week 3 Project

As my first project working with my Wacom Tablet, this was both challenging and time consuming, particularly with the learning curve of the tablet in Photoshop. But once I started to get the hang of using the stylus, and began to think in terms of actually painting (how I would layer in an oil painting) then it began to flow and transform. I spent the most time and detail on the eyes and lips– and then cursed myself for picking a selfie with a knitted scarf. Once I got to the scarf, which I did last, I started playing around with the different textured brushes in the mixer tool.  I tried to bounce back and forth between laying down color with the brush tool and blending it together with the mixer.

In one of my final steps, I put a pale yellow layer base layer behind the entire piece. If I was oil painting this would have been my first step. I think the yellow pushes through some of the more translucent areas and warms up the piece as a whole.

I attached the original selfie below, so you could see where I started!

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