Discussion – Favorites

Discussion – Favorites

Who is one of your most favorite painters or illustrators (digital or analog)?

Why do you like this painter’s work?

What is a good place online to learn more about them (post a link)?

I’ll go first. I have so many favorite painters, but one contemporary digital painter I follow is Noah Bradley. I particularly love his landscapes, both real and imagined because his techniques are very refined and he shares them through training videos and classes. He is a modern master of landscape painting and has created a lot of work for things like Magic: the Gathering. I’m not a gamer at all but I think that there is a lot of truly amazing artwork being created for immersive games these days.


  1. rhwillcox

    Sorry to post a little late on this but one digital illustrator whose work I really enjoy is Jenny Yu ( What I really love about her work is the way that she deals with lighting, which is something I struggle with. I also really like her style and how it’s like manga/anime but sort of progressed. The way I discovered her is through this livestream recording of her doing illustration live with Adobe ( There are a few illustrators in this livestream series and they’re all great and watching them taught me a lot.

  2. kiten

    I like certain photographers a lot, especially photographers who take something average and make it magical. My favorite right now is Beata Czyzowska Young. She takes pictures of very ordinary things, aka plants in her garden, and gives them a whole new reality. Her pictures remind me of fairytale landscapes. I found her portfolio on Red Bubble and found out shes from Australia. Here is the link.

  3. Ken

    I enjoy the art of Katsuhiro Otomo. The level of detail he produces regardless of the medium he chooses is astounding. Even in static mediums such as Manga, he excels in showing depth and motion in a way that few other artists are capable of replicating. Like most people, I was originally exposed to him via the movie Akira. In an effort to better understand the world that was hinted to in the movie I dug into the original Manga the movie was based on. I was stunned by the amount of detail he produced even in a simple black and white medium. I wanted to learn more about the artist behind the visuals of the movie so I started looking into his history.
    I was surprised to see he was quite an accomplished artist long before his original work was adapted to the cinema. Otomo has been effectively retired for quite some time. He does seem to pop out of retirement from time to time to help produce something stunning. My appreciation of his art consists mostly of sifting through his past work trying to find something new I have yet to see and his occasional popping out of retirement for a pet project.
    I’ve included some links below to see some of his art and a short Youtube video on his work a fan put together that I felt was very comprehensive.

    Great video on Otomo’s early years and his methods and how they evolved as his career progressed:

    Google image search produces a great collection of examples of his art:

  4. Avatar photo slager

    I’ve always loved graphic work from the arts and craft movement, particularly William Morris. His designs have been reproduced on textiles, wall papers, etc… Creating an image that repeats and lines up using a digital program like Photoshop is baffling enough to me, but mapping out the design, then cutting it into a wood block and having it line up perfectly blows my mind.

    His work has always felt beautifully balanced to me and I appreciate that he was an artist who also did his own production.

    Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article about William Morris:

  5. crocha2

    I don’t have a specific painter . I think for my own preference I enjoy all types of art. The kind that stands out to me, are the ones that really make you think. And sorta of make you wonder what the artist was thinking at the moment. I usually follow museums on social media or local artist that show their work on social media.

  6. Giselle

    Took me a little while to locate a digital portrait artist I liked, but I found one! Not surprisingly, because I went to school of figure painting with oils, I really enjoy the digital paintings that give off the same affect. Ivana Besevic achieves that for me! Her digital portraits look like actual oil paintings, with texture and depth. You can see her work at her art station website:
    AND here…

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