This week’s exercise was a bit challenging.  I had different experience with both of them. I did better when I was using the curve tool instead of the levels. I tried forever to fix my RGM on the horse photo because when I move the slide a little to the left or right it be too much. It was difficult trying to fiddle with the level tool. Overall, I liked that I learned how both of them work and how they can both do similar things.

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  1. Avatar photo slager

    I really like the green/clarity you were able to get on the tree in the background of the flower image. It’s neat to be able to see all the different color variations within the boughs.

    You also achieved a nice, subtle color variant and texture in the sky that feels realistic. I particularly like the spot right above the horse in the foreground’s head. I can see the shape of the clouds and it gives me hope that they’re going to blow over and it’ll turn into a sunny day.

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