week one exercise

week one exercise

My thoughts about this week exercise were that it was a  good way from myself to familiarize myself with using photoshop. This is my first time using it so it was pretty challenging from myself. But I had so much fun figuring out what do to with the photo. The difficult part was figuring out what tool to use to correct the picture.   And how many different color  


  1. rhwillcox

    I think you did a really good job restoring the image but I see you didn’t fix the bottom left corner. I remember as I was working also feeling a little bit uncomfortable about what to do there. I chose to use the clone stamp tool to just go over that area and it made a believable corner. Another way you could fix that is to copy any of the other three corners and put it over the messed up corner.

  2. Avatar photo slager

    I really like the colors you used for the sky, trees, and fur. Those bright tones combined with the more subtle coloring of the skin/hair/hat/socks gives this image a really cool collage/watercolor storybook feel.

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