Week 2: Curves and Levels

Week 2: Curves and Levels

The new skill I took away from this lesson was using the eye droppers to pin point the darkest and lightest values in the image in order to adjust. I also really liked using the eye-dropper in the Curves to adjust specific RGB level– in the flower images this was especially helpful to brighten up some of the reds and greens that had been greyed out. I darkened the spruce tree in the background for a higher contrast between the flowers and itself.



  1. rhwillcox

    For the first image, I did mostly the same thing as you did with the eyedropper tool, but I think that you might want to play with the middle adjustment slider some. I found that just using the eyedropper lost a lot of detail in/around the mane of the horse in the foreground.

  2. Avatar photo slager

    Hey Giselle! You got a really lovely red tone out of the horse in the foreground! Your use of the curves adjustment tool in the second image is great – you pulled out some really nice detail and color contrast.

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