Week 1 Exercise – Giselle

Week 1 Exercise – Giselle

I have had some experience with the healing brush tool and the clone stamp, but haven’t colorized a photo in this way. So a new skill for me! I spent quite a bit of time coloring the trees and trying to make the trees in the foreground have more detail and defined lines. The trees and the face skin tones definitely took up the most time. Because of the small image size, it didn’t take much to zoom in on pixels, and gave less ability to vary and blend color. Next time I colorize a photo, I would probably look for a larger scale/higher resolution photo.

Most successful part of the project for me was the blond man’s hair and facial color variation.



  1. Avatar photo slager

    I love the different greens you used for your trees! They have a nice depth and capture the different light sources nicely. I’m also very into the red and grey striped socks! They’re super realistic and they add character to the man on the right. Now I’m wondering what his story is. Where did the socks come from? Were they knitted especially for him?

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