Exercise Week 1- Rob Willcox

Exercise Week 1- Rob Willcox

So for this exercise, I felt like the easiest part for me was getting the hang of removing imperfections using the healing brush, spot healing brush, and clone stamp tools.  I used a combination of those three tools to fix the edges of the image as well as any folds or wrinkles.  The colorizing part was harder for me.  I suppose I succeeded in making it appear to be hand-tinted but I wish I could’ve figured out how to have more control of the values of the colors.  I am pretty happy with how the skin colors turned out.  I used a youtube video to get an idea on how to make the skin realistic (  If you watch the video, his technique is very in-depth and I didn’t have enough skin in the photo to make utilizing this technique seem worthwhile or effective but I did take the idea of using a reference for the various colors in the photo.  I just used a rough reference for the colors of the skin, snow, and trees (  I think I could improve this image by utilizing some of the different blending modes beyond just the color mode.  I experimented with that a little but didn’t want to get too far into it for this exercise.  I also think that changing around the brightness and contrast values could improve this piece but ultimately I decided to leave it as it is.


  1. Giselle

    I really like the blue tints you added in to the snow scape. Makes the sepia tones of the jacket, box and fur pop. After doing the same image, I wish I had added in more color variation in the snow to make the image have that “hand tinted” look.

  2. Yes, nice find on the video – Unmesh is one of the best PS gurus on YouTube and a great one to subscribe to. Using a gradient map is an advanced technique for colorizing that can work on any area of an image. Nice work on both the color and healing of this image. I agree also that adjusting the contrast (through a levels adjustment) could also be beneficial on this image.

  3. Avatar photo slager

    I agree with everyone else – the colors you chose for their clothing are fantastic and really pop against the background tones. I appreciate the gradient quality and texture you achieved in your blue wash over the sky and snow.

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