L4 Discussion – Where do you find and store Inspiration?

L4 Discussion – Where do you find and store Inspiration?

With so much great art/film/creative work happening in the world these days and the Internet being an amazing equalizer. For instance, I am a member of various art and cgi related Facebook groups, I use Instagram and follow people, and I also use Pinterest quite a lot for storing inspiring things. I have two pinboards there that are relevant for this class:


Pinterest is the one I go to most often for inspiring images and topics and for finding interesting tutorials. It’s also so easy to keep them in buckets.

Where do you find stuff and where do you store it?   Share links to your resources/collections if you like.


  1. Avatar photo Scott

    (I was almost done typing a long reply and lost it… through some unknown key-combo press. Typing with a broken hand is tricky)

    I use Pinterest quite a bit for getting inspired and saving design ideas, mostly for jewelry projects but some other things too. I also have quite a few art boards created from Madera Mason’s ART F161 2D Digital Design class, as we had to create a new board each week based on the lesson. Here’s my Pinterest:

  2. Avatar photo mlwoodard

    I am afraid I am much less artistic then others. I try to avoid social media as much as possible so I do not have a pinterest, or a Twitter. The imagery I am most passionate about is nature. I love taking environmental photographs, and photographing animals. I am lucky that I live in such a photogenic area, so inspiration comes easy. Other than that, I am fortunate to have friends that are good at photography, friends that are good at photoshop, even a friend with her own art gallery. So I bounce ideas off them. I wish I could say I had this deep well I drew from for inspiration, but more often then not, I am going on a walk and I bring my camera just in case, see something that looks cool, then snap a few photos. I am not even a good photographer in that I dont take tons of photos. I take two or three, roll the dice they are good, and move on haha.

  3. Avatar photo aastogsdill

    I primarily use Pinterest to find and store artistic inspo. It is pretty incredible the range of creative pieces that can be found through simple searches. For one of my other classes, we are actually required to make a Pinterest board for every unit in order to get lots of visuals about the unit topic. Heres a link to my Pinterest account.

    I also use Instagram. By simply searching a hashtag, you can find a plethora of inspirational pieces. Instagram also gives you the option to ‘save’ other peoples posts, so you can go back and look at them later.

  4. Avatar photo khansen16

    I use pinterest as a catchall for inspiration, I also copy pictures to have in my photos on my phone. If something inspires me I try to take a picture so I don’t loose the the idea. Pinterest is awesome because I can keep lots and lots of ideas. I am often out in nature and am inspired by what is see…I feel frustrated because it is hard to recapture that in medium…at least for me.

    I also use Instagram as inspiration. I follow a variety of different things… art, pottery and home decor.

  5. Avatar photo sspindl1

    I tend to use Pinterest and Instagram for art inspiration. When I find an artist on instagram whose artwork I like, I will usually “follow” them, and then from there instagram will suggest to me other artists with similar art styles. When I browse pinterest, I have a folder marked “art”, and when I find something I think might be a good inspiration point, I will pin it to that folder. Then, if there is a youtube link to paintings that I have found interesting, I will usually go to that video so that I can see the actual painting/drawing process.

  6. Avatar photo castockdale

    I like to use nature, books, magazines, Instagram, and Pintrest for inspiration. I use Pintrest more than anything else. Pintrest’s seach feature is amazing. It’s easy to fine what you’re searching for and it’s used by many artists. It’s easy to organize things and I like that you can choose to keep boards private just like your own journal. I really like to watch Youtube video demos to learn new techniques. Sometimes I google something I’m looking for but I find that a Pintrest search more often gives me what I’m looking for.

  7. Avatar photo Josh

    Pinterest for finding reference. Really good for small objects and clothing.

    Instagram/Facebook every once and a while for keeping up with artists who’s styles I enjoy.

    Recently, I’ve been really getting into ArtStation ( There’s a lot of great digital artists in the industry who post images of past projects they work on plus some of their personal work. There’s also a lot of WIP posts too so you can get a finer look at their process and get ideas.

    A lot of the images that I find while browsing the internet also end up in a folder on my desktop so I can look at it later while trying to find inspiration 🙂

  8. Avatar photo mlwebb3

    I find a lot of my inspiration through the other creatives I follow on instagram, and facebook primarily. I’ve attached a link to my pinterest, but I don’t think I can attach a link to my saved images “collections” on insagram because it’s private. Since I am a photography major and focus almost all of my artistic efforts towards photography work, instagram the place where get most of my inspiration for my art. I save a lot of images that inspire me to create new portrait work and creative wedding imagery. I store most of my aesthetic and more “psysaical” 2D and 3D art inspiration on pinterest. Also my desktop on my laptop is a complete mess of inspiration images! I also really like to make lists of creative things that pop into my head on my Notes app on my phone. I have lists of interesting buildings around town and beaituful photography locations that I’d like to go to with models. I also have lists of potential series ideas and just creative notes in general. 🙂 (link to my photography instagram page in case anyone is interested in seeing more of the work I make) 🙂

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